Jeopardy! Quiz and Review

This week I gave my discussion sections of ARTH 110 (and introductory course in Art History) a quiz in the form of Jeopardy questions.  They needed to provide me with the smaller bit of information, with the question.  I projected the “answer” portions via slides and they each individually wrote the “question” segments down on paper and submitted them to me.  Then, we reviewed as a  class, creating six teams  of 3-4 students.  I used Super Teacher Tools’s Jeopardy game interface to immediately review with the students–giving them the chance to work as small groups to answer questions.  This meant that all students had the benefit of near-immediate feedback on their quizzes, which is known to help with information retention.  The competition aspect of the review was received enthusiastically, particularly when told that the two winning teams would have their lowest quiz grades “dropped.” Their quizzes of 20 questions were supplemented with an additional 6 questions for the Jeopardy review.  Super Teacher Tools even allows for images and videos to embedded in questions.  I will say that some elements of the site and interface are a bit clunky or awkward to navigate but there are plenty of YouTube videos for instruction and trouble-shooting and there certainly greater functionality than other Jeopardy-style tools I’ve found.

Take a look at some of the images from our Jeopardy review.

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